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Mostafa Eslami


Date of Birth: December, 22 , 1957

Language: Persian – English


B.SC. in Petroleum Engineering from A.I.T (Abadan Institute of Technology )


NIDC- Engineering Department: Aug 1987 to March 1988

Junior Drilling Engineer

NIDC- Well Logging Department: Apr 1988 to April 1990

Junior Logging Engineer

NIDC- Well Logging Department: Apr 1990 to Jul 1993

Senior Logging Engineer

NIDC- Well Logging Department: Aug. 1993 to Jun 1998

Head of Logging operation

NIDC- Well Logging Department: Jul 1998 to Apr 2000

Well Logging operation Manager

NIDC - Well Logging Department: May 2000 to Jan  2001

Senior Interpretation Engineer

NIDC- Well Logging Department: Feb 2001 to May 2004

Head of Interpretation Department

NIDC – Wire Line Department: Jun 2004 to Oct 2005

Head of Wire-Line services


Pars Oil Gas Company - Nov. 2005-2007

Deputy of Well Services

 Phase 12 in Petropars Ltd

Technical Services (Logging –Wireline – Perforating –LWD/MWD) Consultant

 Training Courses & Certificates

  • 6 Month Training and Operations course in "CH and Production Logging with Computalog Company in Alberta - Canada
  • 3 Month Training course in OH / CH Logging and working with Halliburton Excell-1000 by Halliburton in Texas – USA
  • 3 Month Training and working with Halliburton Excell-2000 system (OH/CH/PL) by XPEIC in Xian – China
  • Some concentrated training Courses about : Petrophysics Production Completion and .. . etc in Iran
  • 240 Hours "Radio Active protection" Fundamental & Advanced Training Courses by Iran Atomic Energy Organization
  • One week "Pressure Control Equipment" Course by Elmar .
  • One week " Smart Winch in Wire Line & Logging Unit " Course by ASEP .
  • One week HSE Course, by Louisiana University
  • One week HUET Course by NITC


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